Top 3 Best Charcoal Grills Under 300 Dollar | [June 2021]

Best Charcoal Grills Under $300You don’t want to compromise on quality for the sake of price. If you are looking for the best charcoal grill 300, you must enjoy features like cooking space and durability.

Summertime is back, and everyone loves to spend their weekend parties with family or friends on a holiday vacation simply cooking delicious grilled smoked food.

To enjoy the old-fashioned charcoal grill, you would love to have one of the best charcoal grills under a budget limit 300$ on which cook delicious sausage, burgers, ribs, chicken, and meat.

How do you feel if you get the best company grill which makes mouth-watering barbeque meat without sacrificing many features? Here I reviewed top professional charcoal grill under your best budget range which makes your BBQ parties to the whole next level.

Top 3 Best Charcoal Grills Under 300 In 2021





Weber 15301001 Performer


Chef food 16" Ceramic Kamado


Viemoi Kamado Grill


  1. Weber 15301001 Performer Charcoal Grill

This grill falls under 300$, and this range you expect from the grill some exciting features. This grill contains top features like a large workspace. This model of Weber is sophisticated in this range and best in this price. Weber 15301001 top pick for me. One of the models presented is the Weber deluxe 15301001 22 ” grill, and it has a lot of excellent functions that you can use for the best grill experience.

Best Charcoal Grills Under $300

This grill bowl`s 22 inches and porcelain-enameled. The Porcelain enamel-covered cooking bowls are a popular choice on the grill. They provide a non-stick surface for your food and do not rust. Total cooking is you get 363 square inches which means you can cook 13 burgers and hot dogs at a time.

Weber 15301001 compatible with GBS (Gourmet BBQ System) inserts that can makes you ease of add and removes the charcoal. GBS adds other features to the square charcoal grill, including pizza cooking and grilling. Also, the machine has hooks in place to hang knives, spatulas, and other grill tools.

The One-Touch cleaning and ventilation system allows you to empty the ashes in seconds without getting your hands dirty and debris by sliding into a high-capacity removable ash catcher.

It contains built-in temperature thermometer or temperature gauge. You can adjust the temperature or monitored with it when you can reduce or increase the temperature of the grill; you need to check it in the thermometer. The heat meter is a feature built into the cover. Temperature monitoring allows you to use recipes with precise heating requirements.

It gives you /extra workspace to put other items like spices. It contains a thermometer to allow you to set the temperature according to your meal. You can also control the temperature very precisely according to your need without uplift the lid by just adjusting the dampers. Weber’s performer deluxe is a high-quality, precise product according to its price tag. You will enjoy its unique features. This best mini charcoal grill is for everyone from beginner to expert level.


  • For Easy moving Smooth large Wheels
  • Electronic Touch-N-Go gas ignition system
  • Built-In lid Temperature Meter
  • 22 inch charcoal grill 363 cooking allows you to cook more the 13 burgers.
  • Removable ASH Catcher
  • Convenient Charcoal Storage
  • Precise temperature control using dampers.
  • Easy To clean and Easy To Use

  • Ample Storage

  • Porcelain Bowl

  • Best for Beginners To experts

  • Best in its range

  • Best company Product

  • 10 years of Warranty

  • It takes time to assemble

  1. Chef food 16″ Ceramic Kamado BBQ Charcoal Grill

When it comes to the sturdy and versatility, no one can compare with the kamado-style grill. If you are looking for strong grill under 300$, the food is best kamado grill. This grill is not made by a big brand name like Weber, but it is a nice ceramic compact-sized grill.

best mini charcoal grills

Due to the ceramic construction, Chefood kamado heavy-duty charcoal grill is the perfect small grill, even in every climate. The main con of this grill is that it is heavier than other materials. In this case, the unit weighs just over 90 pounds, so while it is small; it is not necessarily easy to carry.

An adjustable damper that controls oxygen and a top vent temperature control system makes managing your fire and heats easy. All in all, this is a nice ceramic kamado grill at a great value.

An important thing you should know about, this grill contains 16 inches diameter ″ refers to the outer diameter of this unit. You can use only 13.25 ″ with a cooking area of ​​138 square inches. On which you can 4 hand burgers simultaneously. The grill is made of stainless steel and does a wonderful job of cooking.

On the grill, there is a waterproof cover which I like. Overall it is the best versatile charcoal grill help you to barbeque in the backyard. You can cook spicy, juicy food on it with greater food retention.


  • Made With Ceramic Material
  • Strong and Sturdy Grill
  • Compact Sized but due to Heavy weight not good portable.
  • Best Heat Control due to Air control dampers.
  • 138 square inches cooking area
  • Sturdy Lid to cover whole great leakage free.
  • Excellent heating performance

  • 300D Waterproof grill cover

  • Side handles to prevent your hands

  • Heap top lid

  • Heavy Weight

  • Less Cooking Area

  1. Viemoi Kamado Grill Mini Kamado Charcoal Grill Barbecue Cooking

Vimeo is the brand name of a “kamado-style” ceramic charcoal stove. It is commonly referred to as the “kamado grill” due to the origin of the basic design in southern Japan.

top rated charcoal grills under 300

The shape of this grill is as if the egg indicates ancient technology, in that, it is developed to turn off the heat with only a small vent at the top, which forms a flow of air that keeps the fire going. The walls of top rated charcoal grills under 300 are very thick, which helps to increase heat retention.

Oxygen passes through the bottom of the stainless steel damper and passes over the coal to ensure that it is supplied with the oxygen needed to maintain a continuous fire. Then the heat and smoke rise to escape the top ventilation.

Viemoi Kamado charcoal grill can also be used as a smoker. All you have to do is form the airflow in the lowest position. The thick inner walls will retain the heat needed to slowly prepare the meat and break down the collagen into absorbent gelatin, with the smoke moving slightly over it.

Due to high-quality construction, the price of viemoi kamado is higher than its competitors. The folding bamboo side tables are beautiful. Bamboo is an excellent material for an outdoor grill because it has the hardness to cut the side of the grill while being as weather-resistant as redwood, which does not have the same hardness.

This stainless steel grill has a diameter of 20.4 inches, which means you only have 323 square inches of the spacer the grill. With this large cooking space, you can make dinner for a family of 4-6. When you use it as a smoker, it can handle a whole chicken or even a pig’s shoulder.

It is easier to clean than a standard charcoal grill. The only complaint would be that the stainless steel grill tends to make the food stick, which means it needs a little scraping down. ViemoiKamado is the combination of versatility and efficiency. It can be used as a smoker’s best charcoal grill. It is the full value of money.


  • Ceramic charcoal grill
  • Best-quality materials
  • Versatile enough to grill, smoke
  • Superior Efficiency
  • Visual appeal
  • Prime Quality 300x300D Oxford Water Proof Cove
  • Prime Quality Bamboo wood side tables
  • FDA Stainless Steel 304 Food Grad Cooking Grid
  • Resistant to 10000 degrees
  • Versatile

  • Fuel-Efficient

  • Prime Quality Bamboo wood side tables

  • You can use it, smoker

  • Not easily move on terrain Surfaces.

Final Remarks

So how was the review? Trust me these are the top best charcoal grills under 300. Otherwise there bulky amount of bad quality filled in the market. These are far decent charcoal grills that you do not risk on investment you get quality, material and the main thing is they are delicious taste developers. These are attractive charcoal grills overall top rated around the market.

The final verdict is important because client confuses about what to buy. Our top pick and winner of there are two winners in this list is Viemoi Charcoal grill and Weber 15301001 due to their unique design classy material best brand name logos make them favourite from every grilling enthusiast.

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