Char Griller E1224 Reviews Smokin Pro [2021]

Are you looking for a grill that can help you cook and smoke food simultaneously? Do you nt want to spend on a smoker and grill perfectly but want to enjoy the perks of both in one product? If your answer is yes, then the Char Griller E1224 Reviews smoking pro s for you. It is a perfect combo of both smoker and griller.

This grill looks like a traditional offset grill. As for the offset grill, it depicts a barrel-style construction with side chambers and racks. You will get the maximum out of this griller as it provides a  massive cooking space. You can make food for the whole family in one go with the char griller E1224.

Besides that, you will get a long-lasting and durable construction for both cooking chambers. It provides a good deal for the bucks you are spending on this griller. To give you a complete insight into this griller, let’s look at the detailed Char-Griller Review.

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Char-Griller E1224 Smokin Pro


Features Highlights of Char-Griller E1224

Amazing design

This barrel style char griller Smokin pro grill & smoker has a lot to offer for some grilling fun. The Char-Griller E1224 Smokin Pro is produced from heavy gauge steel with an outer black powder layer that is extremely durable and heat resistant. Furthermore, the char griller e1224 comes with cast iron grill grates and a non-stick protective coating inside. Besides that its design incorporates a side shelf which can you use to serve the cooked food. Below that shelf, you will see the hooks which make for hanging different cooking tools like spatula, tongs, etc.

Char Griller E1224 Reviews

Temperature Gauge

The lid has a built-in temperature sensor, which provides temperature control so that you will not burn the food during the process.

Portable Design of Char Griller E1224 Reviews

To enable you to carry this 146-pound heavy grill, the frame has two wheels as well. Alongside carrying bags of charcoal, it includes a lower storage section that also binds the legs to give it a stable platform.

Massive Grilling Space

At an incredible 580 square inches, the main grill grate is sized. A 250 square inches is given by the side cooking chamber, making a total of 830. An offset smoker is also available, enabling you to be using the main cooking room as a properly operational smoker. The side firebox can even act as another grilling surface. The capacity of the E1224 char griller Smokin pro ensures that you would cook a lot more food in one go. the secondary grill will act the same as the main chamber that is like a smoker and griller both. So you can roast chickens in the main chamber while cooking some hot dogs in the secondary chamber.

3-modes Heat Adjustments With Customizable Grit Height

The height of the grit is customizable in three settings. You can sear the food in the lowest settings, and medium height is mostly for the overall grilling. The maximum height level works for items that require a long time to cook across to the right temp. And for even cooking, it incorporates cast iron cooking grates.

Convenient Coal Addition

One thing that highly appreciates char griller smokers is that this grill does not ask for grate removal to add the coals. You can easily do so by removing the coal tray and add the burning coals in it.

Removable Ash Bed

Furthermore, it has an easy dump ash pan, which makes cleaning it a breeze. Simply remove the pan and put the coal in the metal bucket until the extinguishes and you are good to go.

Durable Construction

This grill comes in a durable and long-lasting construction thanks to its powder coat finish and double bottom. The heavy steel construction is the next thing that makes for durability. If we compare char griller outlaw vs Smokin pro, you will see that it offers a side cooking chamber, its win over outlaw. And the great news it will not cost much to get this char grill e1224.

If we talk about the char griller Smokin outlaw review,  you will see that it does not have any side chamber or smoking option for the food to cook. This E1224 of the char griller is rich in feature and provide great cooking options for food.


But with features such great, there is a downside of this grill. This grill has a little cumbersome assembling process. It will take some time to get the hang of this grill. While you assemble this grill, you may require a hand or two more to handle the grill and for you to assemble it. If we talk about the overall char griller charcoal grill review, then this griller is best for the beginner barbeque specialists. Its features will serve well the novices.

  • Massive cooking space of 830 square inches

  • Cast iron cooking grates makes for even heating

  • Adjustable Fire Grate with Hot, Med, and Warm temperature control options

  • Simple coals addition without removing the grate

  • Easy cleaning with a dump ash pan

  • Heavy steel construction, Double-bottom and powder coat finish for durability

  • Difficult assembling

  • Paint chips off

  • Poor packaging

Things To Consider While Buying The Best Charcoal Grill

There some necessary features which you must take into account before buying a charcoal grill. These features are given below; let’s have a look at it.

  • Airflow

The charcoal works on airflow to retain or control the heat. The air moves in to burn the coal, while from the other side, it moves out if the temperature gets high. So for you, a must-have feature is the lid with tight-fitting or some top-notch vents for temperature control.

  • Easy Access Of Coal Bed

cooking food for long hours on the grill requires adding the batch of coals from time to time, or if you want to add the flavour of smoke, you might use wood chips to the coal. For whatever purpose you are using the grill, look for easy access to the coal bed. If your grill offers easy coal tray removal, it’s best for you.

  • Grill Size and Shape

The charcoal grill’s portable shape and size will determine how heat is transmitted or distributed since coals all burn at about the same intensity. Broader styles can grill more foods in one go, as with most barrel-style grills, but the narrower coal bed will be good for a burger and smoked salmon. Different styles of grills offer different features for cooking. There are many choices available so when going for one, look for what you want from your grills.

  • Adjustable Coals or Cooking Grates

Foods near to the charcoal cook quicker, but before cooking through, they are likely to burn. So  Hunt for a coal bed grill or barbecue grates can be lifted or lower with a lever. It will offer you more ways to control the temperature and control the flames.

  • Safety

While working with the charcoal grills, make sure you take proper safety measures too. Unlike smokers the charcoal grills ask for continuous play with the burning coal and fire, so when buying the charcoal grill make sure you have the safety tool like tongs, skewers, and spatulas with long handles for food making. Safety is the must-have point to consider while buying charcoal grills.


So this was our char griller smoker review. Summers are impossible to spend without grilling fun. So to get the grill is of utmost importance for those who want this backyard fun. Many backyard enthusiasts find it difficult to get hands-on with the grill for summer fun.

But if you already made up your mind about the Chargriller E1224, then go for it as from our Char Griller E1224 Reviews, you might see its great features. The char griller makes for both smoking and barbequing of the food. You will have double fun in the single package, as from the buying guide, you might have noticed that char griller E1224 fits well on the criteria. So to cut the chase, I will say that char griller E1224 is worth buying a grill.

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