How Hot Do Charcoal Grills Get?

How Hot Do Charcoal Grills GetCharcoal grilling is more of an art than a science. There are no easily premade hot areas, or even constant fixed temperatures to go to, you need to wing it all the time and feel through much of the process of cooking. This is the reason behind the arising of the burning question, “how hot do charcoal grills get”.

Everybody knows summer is the season of perfect grilling. And definitely, happiness is grilling with friends. There are few items on the barbecue best charcoal grills that smell better than food cooking like burgers and steaks etc. Temperatures and timings are the most key elements to consider before starting work on a barbecue, according to food experts.

How Hot Do Gas Grills Get VS Charcoal?

Regarding to grilling, there are many queries that arise in the mind such as how hot do gas grills get VS charcoal? In the market, grills usually come in two forms depending on the fuel; either it is charcoal or gas. Typically, charcoal grills reach a high temperature of maximum700 Fahrenheit than gas grills that reaches the high temperature on the pricier end.

In order to know how hot does a gas grill get? as this is a great problem and we get a lot of that! All of the gas grills are built to max out between 500-550 ° F, no matter how big or small. In gas grills, you can easily control the temperature; but in charcoal grills, there is no proper way to control the temperature. The only way to deal with it is to use a charcoal thermometer or use palm test.

How Hot Does Charcoal Burn?

There are several factors that determine how hot does charcoal burn. This depends on:

  • How much fuel you are using.
  • How much oxygen is getting to your fuel?
  • The proximity and position are of your grill surface relative to your fuel source.

How Much Coal Do You Need?

According to a charcoal briquette temperature guide, you can understand how much coal do you need? The response to that depends on what you are grilling, its quantity, and how hot you like the grill. If you need high heat, then you’re going to want a full chimney. When you want lower heat than you don’t need to fill the chimney all the way and wait for the heat to dissipate from all those coals.

Below are several lines of instructions. Such numbers are based on a typical charcoal chimney’s size, which is available in most hardware stores and holds around 100 coals.

Charcoal Grills Temperature

Important to remember is that maximum temperature and cook length depend on how the coals are spaced up. If you spread the lit coals over a wider area in a thin layer, temperatures will be lower, and the heat will dissipate more quickly. When the layer is thicker and the coals are more concentrated, higher temperatures can stay hot longer.

A thermometer is the most precise way to gage the temperature. If your griller doesn’t have one built in however, you can use the hand check. Only keep your hand palm about 5-6 inches above the grill grate. Keep on before you have to pull it off. The amount of seconds that you can hold onto your hand gives you an idea of how hot the coals are at the grate. According to the charcoal grill temperature chart.

Temperature Chart Of Charcoal Grills

Time palm can be held over grill      Grill Heat     Temperature range
less than 1 second very hot over 600°F
1 to 2 seconds hot 400° to 500°F
3 to 4 seconds medium 350° to 375°F
5 to 7 seconds medium-low 325° to 350°F

If you have a charcoal grill and want to know how long it will stay hot, and how to keep it burning longer is an important part of the grilling process.

How Long Does a Charcoal Grill Stay Hot?

Well, charcoal grills, just like in the name, need charcoal to work. if you keep it burning a charcoal grill will stay hot and it will last until you quit adding coal or lighter fluid. If you let your grill burn out, however, then the heat will vanish within fifteen minutes and start cooling off. You can enhance the timing of hot grills by removing ashes, providing sufficient airflow, adding small newspapers, and lighter fluid, etc.

Charcoal Grill Temperature For Burgers

Burgers should usually be cooked at Medium-Low (about 375 degrees) to Ultra (400 degrees). Most gas grills have a heat monitoring thermometer built-in but you can also purchase a grill thermometer for charcoal grills. The inside temperature of a well-done burger should be roughly 71 degrees Celsius.

Charcoal Grill Temperature For Steak

Like burgers, while leaving a juicy inside, what’s charcoal grills for steaks should be cooked on high heat to produce a good charred texture outside.

When you like your steak rare you are aiming for an inner temperature between 57 degrees Celsius and 60 degrees Celsius, whereas a medium cooked steak would be about 65 degrees Celsius. All about 71 degrees centigrade is well finished.

Charcoal Grilling Tips and Techniques

For charcoal grilling tips and techniques, the following measures must be done to avoid any error or issue:

  • First preheat your grill
  • Use the right amount of charcoal
  • Oil and preheat the cooking grate
  • Enhance the flavor with woods
  • Oil your grates, use soft brushes for greasing the grill
  • For great smokey flavor, add hardwood to lump charcoal
  • Oil your grates
  • Use heat-resistant gloves
  • Shut down safely


Strong smoky flavor, screaming hot grilling, and total control over the Fire and Air components. These are the stuff that we all enjoy about charcoal grilling. By thoroughly understanding the concept of how hot do charcoal grills get and other related queries, you can do a great job in grilling and cooking and also adding different flavors in the life of people.

There’s nothing like making your guests drool over your food as an aspiring Grill Master, and then raving about it long after the food is done, to make you feel happy. Therefore, learning the right grilling techniques and internal cooking times for your foods is worthwhile to better guarantee your BBQ is a success.

Enjoy and grill on!

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