Kamado Joe KJ23RH Reviews – Classic Charcoal Grill

Kamado Joe Kj23rh ReviewAre you looking for a complete package for grilling? Do you want to grill, sear, and smoke food all in one device? Then go no further than Kamado Joe KJ23RH as it claims to provide perks of all three in one grill. Kamado Joe promises a special cooking experience and works brilliantly for all you need to prepare and cook.

With the extra touch of BBQ flavoring, the Kamado Joe helps you make the ordinary food more than ordinary. The unusual shape and ceramic structure ensure amazing retaining of heat that makes for the tenderness of food. The grill fits with all the kit and caboodles like racks, a cart, a grill grate, a heat disruptor, and other maximum performance tools.

To provide you with a good insight into the Kamado joe KJ23RH, we charcoalgrillshub.com are bringing this guide. You will get to know all the ins and out of this grill along with the buying guide to get the best one. In this Kamado Joe Kj23rh Reviews, we will compare all three versions of this grill.

Kamado Joe KJ23RH Reviews [2021] – Comparison Chart!





Kamado Joe KJ23RH Reviews

Kamado Joe KJ23RH Reviews


Features of Kamado Joe KJ23RH Reviews

You will not resist to the offering of Kamado Joe given its feature highlights. So let’s have a look at it:

Versatile Design

Kamado Joe’s best thing is that it provides versatile cooking options. You can go for baking, grilling, searing, roasting, and smoking in one cooking device. It incorporates a griddle plate to insert for searing and grilling grates for grilling, and a verticle design for smoking grills. All in all, it’s a complete cooking range for versatile cooking options. If we make a kamado joe size comparison, all have egg shape, but the classic I is relatively smaller than II, and II is smaller than III.

Kamado Joe Kj23rh Reviews

Divide & Conquer Flexible Cooking System

All three kamado joe kj23rh classic joe grill versions have different cooking systems though all are a complete package of cooking food. The classic kamado joe incorporates divide and conquers the flexible cooking system. You will see a revolutionary half-moon design for different food cooking temperatures

Furthermore, class 1 and 2 has a more advance cooking system. The classic I has a 2-tier multi-level Halfmoon design that makes for simultaneous food cooking at different temperatures. Furthermore, the classic III will offer 3-tier multi-level divide and conquer design cooking system for more advanced cooking systems. So if we do kamado joe’s classic one vs. two comparisons, you will have more advancements in the next version.

Control Tower Top Vent

All three versions of kamado joe maintain a consistent air state for dome opening and closure to ensure correct air-flow control for searing, grilling, and cooking. The trademark pending dual-adjustment top vent is water and mildew-resistance and enables you to smoke at 225F to searing at 750F. It is made of powder-coated cast aluminum.

Convenient Cleaning

kamado joe red kj23rh make for easy cleaning no matter how messy your cooking session gets. Its drawer box ashtray makes for easy cleaning. You will not be asked to remove all the components of the grill.

AMP Firebox

The classic II and III owe to provide a patent-pending six-piece design that excludes breakage and upsurges grill proficiency. You will cook and bake simultaneously in this single tool.

Airlift Hinges

All three versions of the kamado joe kj23rh cl will provide convenient lifting. With just a push of the finger, you can open the lid by reducing the weight by 96 percent.

Side Shelves

When the food gets ready, you can conveniently serve it thanks to its side tables. All three kj23rh kamado joe grills come up with hooks on the side shelves to make for convenient hanging of cooking utensils.

Easy Carrying

The trolley style cart of kamado joe makes it easy to transport. Classics I and II come up with a steel stand trolley with wheel locking, and classic III has pretty sturdy construction with wheel locking.

Temperature Gauge

The kamado joe comes with a built-in temperature gauge so that you can manage the temperature accordingly.

How To Buy Best Grill —Buying Guide

Finding cooking gadgets is not an easy job. And finding the best grill is even more difficult. Below I’m providing a buying guide in which you will learn the askings of the best grill.


If you want an all-in-one grill, it must come up with griddle plates, cooking grates, and cooking different meals simultaneously. Furthermore, if you go for an offset grill, go for the one with a massive cooking area, and if you are up for a verticle grill, go for one with a deep cooking area as it will make for divide and conquer style cooking.

Temperature Control

You know that grills work on hot air retaining and leaving for cooking food. If the grill gets very hot, you need to remove the vent so that the heat can leave, and on the contrary, if it’s not much hot, you need to close the vent to keep the hot air inside. So when looking for the grill, no matter offset or verticle, look for its vent system. If it offers a good ventilation system, go for it.

Easy Cleaning

Cleaning a grill is not an easy job, but so many grills are nowadays offering convenient cleaning. Its removable component like cooking grates and griddles make for easy washing after the session. Besides that, if the grill offers removable ash boxes or trays, it will work too for breezy cleaning.


The grill is subjected to be heavyweight, which makes it difficult to move. Many grilling brands are now offering portability features. they either make the grill very small and light to make it easy to travel or incorporate the trolley wheels to make moving it easy. So look for the portability options and buy accordingly.

Extra Offerings

The grill’s extra features like a built-in temperature gauge, lid locking, and easy opening and closing of the grill will make them appealing to you. So look for the grills that are offering something extra for your grilling fun.

Final Words

So this was all from our Kamado Joe KJ23RH review.  We in detail listed all the feature highlights of the Kamado Joe KJ23RH. You see that Kamado Joe KJ23RH comes in the version that is classic I,  classic II, classic III.

All three versions of the kamado joe KJ23RH provide some top-notch features to grill, sear, cook, smoke, or barbecue all at once. They were all promising a massive cooking space with different temperatures for each food item to cook simultaneously. The egg shape kamado joe will make for all the good stuff in the grill.

After we provide kamado joe’s classic I review, we came up with a buying guide. This buying guide tells about the grill requirements; if you don’t like kamado Joe, you can go for other grill options with the given feature requirements. So, all in all, Kamado Joe KJ23RH grill is a nice choice that makes for maximum baking and cooking options.

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