What Size Grill Cover Do I Need | Charcoal BBQ Grills Guide!

Since an outdoor grill is an asset, people generally want to safeguard their grills from extreme weather conditions. By shielding it with a grill cover is an efficient way to secure a charcoal grill.

For generations to come, a grill cover will help to keep your grill appearing fine. After each use, you must cover your grill until it has completely cooled. Holding your grill covered when not in use keeps it safe and helps stop corrosion. But the key question that emerges in one’s mind here at this moment is what size grill cover do I need?

What Size Grill Cover Do I Need

By bringing together this simple review of how to measure your grill for a cover, we’ve decided to help you save some hours. Before you buy one, measure for a grill cover to make sure it fits comfortably over the grill.

What Size Grill Cover Do I Need?

Measuring the grill’s overall measurements will allow you to purchase the right size, as there are hundreds of sizes and shapes of cover. But how do I know what size grill cover I need? 

You usually want to select a cover that will at least hit the top of your grill’s tires.

  • Measure the grill width

The width of the grill is the basis of most covers, allowing this the key focal point. This is the spacing between the grill’s farthest edge and the other. Be sure to weigh each side from the farthest end.

  • Measure the depth of the grill

This is the horizontal distance from the front to the back of the grill. Measure the distance from the front to the back of the grill with the lid closed. Be sure to include the knobs or the lid handle in your calculation.

  • Measure the height of your grill

This is the distance from the highest point of the rack to the ground. If you have a smoker type grill, measure the height of the grill from the top to the ground in inches, including the height of the fireplace.

Often times choose a grill cover that will fit a grill that is several inches wider than your grill. This will ensure a precise fit and it will be easier for you to attach and remove the grill cover on the grill.

Before covering with the grill lid, make sure the grill has completely cooled down after use.

Average grill cover size – Charcoal Grilling

It is in the range of 400 to 500 square inches.

The majority of gas grills will be between 400 and 500 square inches in size. For the average household, this is a common grill size. Choosing a larger grill of up to at least 600 square inches is a smart choice for those with a big family or wanting to host guests. So according to this study, the typical grill cover size is between 400 and 500 square inches.

Do I Need a Grill Cover?

Covering the grill isn’t a strict rule. It’s actually beneficial to not cover sometimes and sometimes what’s needed may be a combination of canopy and no cover. Do I need a grill cover so as to substantiate this statement? This all relies on the grill’s build-up material, whether it’s corrosion-free or immune to rust.

Using a grill cover may be a good way to stay your grill clean and free from elements like water stains, dust, dirt, pollen, tree sap, and unwanted bird gifts.

While it’s suggested to possess a grill roof, keeping the grill covered all the time isn’t essential. Just remember to deep clean your grill once a month and cover it when needed. The more you think that about your barbecue, the longer you’ll prepare great food for you.

Best grill cover!

Following are the best grill covers available in the market:

  • Abba Patio Outdoor Grill Cover.
  • Duck Covers Elite BBQ Grill Cover.
  • Garden Home Outdoor Heavy Duty Grill Cover.
  • Texas Grill Cover 7573 | 71069 Premium Cover.
  • Unicook Premium Universal Grill Cover.
  • Yukon Glory 7553 Premium Cover.

What Size Cover Do I Need For Tailgater Traeger Grill?

While a cover for your grill is recommended, it is not mandatory to keep your grill covered all the time. Just remember to give a good clean to your grill about once a week, and shield it when needed. The more you take good care of your barbecue, the longer you will be able to make great food.

Traeger Grills are renowned for offering grilling, cooking and baking of extremely high quality, all with comfort.

If you have a Qulimetal Heavy Duty Treager grill, the 41 inch width x 27 inch depth x 49 inch height dimensions of the best cover size are accessible. The size of the cover varies depending on the grill you have.

Best Grill Cover Sizes!

There are grill cover sizes designed in different sizes.

  • 50-inch grill cover

SunPatio provides the best 50 inch grill cover. SunPatio is Durability’s mark. SunPatio grill covers are designed with heavy duty FadeStop fabric, tested in the laboratory and achieve the highest degree of colorfastness, much more reliable on the industry than other traditional grill covers.

  • 52 inch grill cover

In order to shield your grill from the climate, Aspen grill covers are made. It is extremely water-resistant and is absorbent to water vapor, allowing it to even mildew-resistant with the three-layer laminated fabric. Aspen manufactures the finest 52 inch grill cover.

  • Up to 2-3 grills can be usually mounted with a 55 inch grill cover. It prevents the burners from wind, rain, sand, dust, and dirt from harsh weather conditions.
  • The best 56 grill cover with all the hooks and straps added is made by Grill Pro.


A barbecue is more than just a piece of equipment for the backyard. It can cost several thousand dollars to have a decent barbecue. It’s an investment in essence. You should secure your grill with a robust grill cover for this purpose alone.

For the overall safety of your grill, finding the correct BBQ grills cover sizes is important. If it’s slightly larger (1-2 inches in total dimension) than the grill you are covering, the cover you choose will match and work better.

The easiest way to secure your investment is to use a better cover. We hope that this review on what size grill cover do I need will eliminate all your questions and confusions about the sizes of the BBQ cover.

What are you waiting for then? Protect your barbecue and keep it going. Enjoy grilling!

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